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ResCom Is An Innovative, Competitive Energy Supplier
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ResCom Energy is committed to putting the power of choice in the hands of our customers.

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About ResCom Energy

ResCom’s mission is to provide consumers with the energy supply plan that best meets their budget and needs—all delivered with simple, friendly service. By acting as our customers’ energy advocates,

ResCom matches our customers’ goals to a supply agreement that best meets each need. Some customers want the lowest price. Others seek protection from seasonal price spikes and budget uncertainty. And many are interested in powering their lives and businesses with energy produced through renewable means. No matter what our customers’ aims are, whether for home or business, ResCom delivers.


Residential Energy

ResCom Energy helps you cut through the clutter and confusion of the competitive energy landscape, providing our customers with an easy way to find the best deal.

Commercial Energy

ResCom Energy helps businesses evaluate and choose a commercial energy plan that’s right for their business. With a great lock-in rate and an extended fixed term, you win.



ResCom is committed to offering competitive energy choices for our customers while providing industry-leading customer service.

Why ResCom

We’re the energy experts so you don’t have to be.

We watch markets and products every day. That means that we are constantly working to keep you up to date and informed on what conditions and costs look like on a forward look. In addition, we are constantly seeking out new sources of energy as well as new products that can help keep your home or business operating at super-efficient levels that help you control your annual spend on energy.
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