PowerOne’s New Website Saves Customers Time and Money


PowerOne’s New Website Saves Customers Time and Money

PowerOne recently improved user experience and quoting capabilities with an extensive overhaul of its website, Power1co.com. The new site features an incredibly sleek and easy to use interface, which will enable consumers to save time and money with PowerOne. Continued development of PowerOne’s online platform will allow consumers to compare prices, switch providers, and choose the contract that best suits their personal lifestyle or business needs, all with the click of a mouse.

“Finding better ways to connect with our customers is absolutely critical to becoming a premier broker and supplier of energy,” stated Rami Fawaz, COO of PowerOne. “Utilizing an online platform with the advanced functionality of Power1co.com will ensure maximum availability and ease of use to our customers.”

In this day and age where technology is advancing exponentially, it is imperative that companies keep pace with the way people conduct their personal and professional business. PowerOne’s new website allows customers to quickly and easily get energy quotes on their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

“The first place people look for products and services is the Internet,” said George Wahbeh, PowerOne’s CEO. “The revamp of PowerOne’s website is sure to increase our customer base and revenue. Continuing to develop online solutions for our customers exponentially increases our value in the marketplace.”